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Did you know that wine is...?


• According to a lot of different professional studies, wine features can be very positive for your health and preventive against many diseases. The positive effects of drinking wine: more resistance, better metabolism, good for your brain and less chance of cancer.

• Wine was discovered in the Middle East about 6.000 years ago. The Romains and Spanish people made wine popular all over Europe.

• In fact, recent studies showed that wine doesn’t make you fat. People who routinely drank moderate amounts of alcohol, totalling about one drink per day, lose body fat. Experts believe that the calories in wine are not metabolized in the same way as calories from carbohydrates, fats or protein.

• Red wine is good for your teeth. The chemicals in the drink make your gums stronger. Researchers found that this positive effect is mainly due to the polyphenol, which gives the wine its red colour.