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A glass of sparkling wine, the best way to refresh the summer


With the arrival of summer time we feel like to refreshing our menus. Do you know that nothing is better than a cold glass of cava? ...Apart from providing a touch of freshness to our meals, the Cava, consumed in moderation, can also have a beneficial effect on our health...

Extra Virgin olive oil, the best also for frying


Not all oils behave in the same way when it meets high temperatures. During frying, the oil presents a large number of chemical reactions that can produce a decrease in the nutritional components and increase in the formation of toxic compound.What can we do to avoid this?

Why Spain is a good destination for your next travel


To visit Spain and explore some of its famous vineyards. Wine- tasting tours will surely add a hint of romance to your trip.

Do you know the case of the FRENCH PARADOX?


The case of the 'French paradox' is a curious nutritional evidence.
In this paper we will return to the subject of wine, explaining a very surprising nutritional paradox.

The best way to celebrate the Mother’s Day


How you can make this year’s Mother’s Day unique? A healthy meal is the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day with your loved ones and to remind your mom that you too care for her the same way she has been doing for you.

Olive or sunflower oil for cooking?


In this article we analyze the properties and utilities of different fats. This time will be olive oil VS. sunflower oil, especially at the time of cooking.

Top 5 foods that boost brain power


With brain being the chief controller of all your body’s activities and with brain being a chief contributor to your professional success, you may want to make sure that you include brain-power boosting foods in your diet.

Which is healthier, olive oil or butter?


Many of you may have heard that it is better to consume extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) than butter. But... Exactly why? In this post, we will study the differences between both FAT and about the concrete benefits of extra virgin olive oil vs. butter.

The consumption of red wine for a healthy lifestyle


The antioxidants contained in red wine are the cause of the potential beneficial effects on health.

Top 3 Indian dishes that can be enhanced with extra virgin olive oil


Discover how spicy Indian foods can combine with the goodness of extra virgin olive oil.

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