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The Rising Thirst for Olive Oil In Asia


Spain has once again maintained its position as the top olive oil exporter in the world. One of the growing importers of olive oil in the recent years is Asia. Here are the top three countries that consume most of the olive oil production in the recent years.

The Driving Growth of Spanish Wine in Asia


You know the power of RED? Unlike the countries of the Iberian Peninsula, China and other Asian countries don’t have a strong tradition of wine drinking. However, they have a strong and positive belief about the colour red. Colour symbolism has a very powerful influence ... ...

Retail: Private Label Pros


The private labelling industry is now at its peak,there are a lot of business opportunities using private label products. If you are interested in private labelling/OEM olive oil or wine, contact us right away!



It is important to know how to correctly read and interpret the labels of foods and thus be more rigorous with what we eat, since sometimes they can cause confusion. What information can we find in the labeling of olive oil? How is it regulated?

Buying Olive Oil Online: Is it safe?


We know that the real extra virgin olive oil has a fruity taste and amazing aroma but we can’t just open a bottle of olive oil and start sniffing and tasting at the grocery store, nor online. So how do we spot the fake ones?

L&P Global: Your Next Industrial Olive Oil Supplier


The olive oil industry is becoming a huge trend around the world. Gone are the days when olive oil can be found just in the kitchen and table of middle to the upper-class family because now, even soaps and pharmaceutical essentials are also reaping the benefits given by the liquid gold.

Cool DIY Uses Olive Oil That is Great for Business


We all know that olive oil is best used for cooking. But that was before; Now, industrial uses of olive oil are slowly being discovered, boosting the olive oil industry which is especially great for those who are a private label olive oil exporter.. ...

Eat healthy when you are flying by plane


We give simple and healthy ideas, so you can take your own lunch box and enjoy a nice flight without feeling heavy in your next flight.

Things to do before calling your Spanish wine exporter


Some helpful tips to those who are newbies and a great reminder to those who are already in the industry for quite some time.

Olive Oil and Wine: Spain’s Contribution towards a Healthier World


Coronary Artery Disease or CAD is the leading cause of death. However, Spain’s very own olive oil and wine have made an impact to make the world a healthier place.

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