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Discover the Spanish Olive Oil for an Effective Healthy Diet


Spain is the home of prime quality gastronomy products such as fruits, wine, oils, and meat. That being said, Spanish food flagships are being produced in a Protected Designations of Origin or DOP, and this includes Spanish Olive oil.

A Mediterranean staple, Spanish olive oil is considered the healthiest oil because of its antioxidants and good fat components.

A Spanish kitchen is not complete without Spanish olive oil. And since Spain holds the largest Spanish olive supplier in the world, it is unsurprising to know that Spanish people hold the second highest life expectancy in Europe.

Pets love Spanish olive oil too

It is already known that Spanish olive oil gives plenty of health benefits, right? But did you know that it is beneficial for our pets too?

A study shows that olive oils can enhance their brain and joint health. Additionally, it can boost their immune system; prevent cardiovascular disease and even cancer and diabetes. Dogs and cats that are already in their senior years can have 5-10 drops a day.

And just like humans, Spanish olive oil can also make our pets look healthier on the outside. It can improve the health of their fur, keep their bones strong and minimize weight gain.

Ketogenic diet benefits

Speaking of weight, you might have heard the new diet trend this year – the ketogenic diet.
Ketogenic has made rounds in social media and news because of its unusual way of losing weight –consume more fat, fewer carbohydrates.

The idea is that our body is using carbohydrates to convert energy. In ketogenic, since you consume fewer carbohydrates your body will look for another source of energy, in this case, the stored fat.
It sounds so simple, and many have tried but only a few succeeded. Why? Fat consumption does not mean you just intake whatever fat you can find - not minding its source.

A study shows that consuming only 20 percent of saturated fat while the rest are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat is the best way to do a ketogenic diet.Spanish olive oil offers the essential fat you needed like monounsaturated fat, saturated fat, omega-6, and omega-3.

Spanish Olive Oil Can Fight Depression

Olive oil is indeed a superfood. A new study shows that aside from physical health benefits, olive oil can also help in combatting depression.

They discovered that the more you intake olive oil and polyunsaturated fats, the less likely you’ll get depressed. They also found out that cardiovascular disease and depression may have the same contrivances related to diet.

Spanish Olive Oil as Superfood

Nowadays, what we consume does not only affect our physical health but also our overall lifestyle. Imagine, even our pets need dieting to avoid being overweight. Indeed, diet is only as good when we are mindful of what we consume.