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Eat healthy when you are flying!


Are you fed up with the meals they offer you on airplanes? If you have a planned trip and you feel uncomfortable flying with a bad diet, this is your post! We will give simple and healthy ideas, so you can take your own lunch box and enjoy a nice flight without feeling heavy.

Eat your own food on a plane It's possible! The regulation states that if you travel both inside and outside Europe there are NO restrictions when it comes to uploading food to the plane, only liquids or certain restrictions of the airline itself are prohibited.

The points that must be considered when choosing our lunch box are:

1. It is a biological issue that costs us more to notice the sweet, acidic, salty and bitter flavors, with which we will have to think of an aromatic recipe with the power of flavors. This fact has been investigated by the Fraunhofer Institute of Construction Physics IBP, concluding that 'salt is perceived between 20% and 30% less intense and sugar between 15% and 20%'.

2. Aircraft cabins are usually very dry places and there is a chance of becoming dehydrated. So, in addition to drinking water regularly during the flight, we will look for a recipe that gives us extra hydration.

3. In addition, body gases expand and contract due to changes in air pressure in the cabin, which can cause pain and discomfort. For this reason we will try to do without the consumption of flatulent foods such as artichokes, vegetables from the family of cabbages, legumes.
Considering the comments, a healthy, satisfying and nutritious idea is:

Homemade Egg and Vegetable Sandwich
1. Sandwich bread (60-80gr)
The carbohydrate of the bread will provide us with the energy and satiety necessary to sustain the flight hours. In addition, if we choose a type of bread based on cereals or seeds we will provide the necessary extra flavor.
2. Scrambled egg (1 or 2 eggs)
For many years the egg has been associated with increased blood cholesterol, but recent publications have shown that this is not the case. The egg gives us high quality protein in a few calories, exactly 80Kcal per unit, in addition to other beneficial nutrients such as choline, iron or zinc.
3. Vegetable filling: cucumber, lettuce, natural tomato (free amount), extra virgin olive oil
These vegetables are not flatulent, and we will end up adding volume to the sandwich with which we will have more satiety and the necessary hydration point. The extra virgin olive oil will enhance the flavor and gives juiciness to the sandwich.

This recipe also has the advantage that it is easy to transport, of course! Keep in mind that all the food you bring must go through the X-ray machine, so never use aluminum foil.
We can complement the lunch box with healthy snacks, since it is better to make frequent and less volume intakes than a very copious one, for example:
- Tomato juice
- Banana
- Hummus with baby carrot
- Natural dried fruit

Now the summer vacation is beginning, have a nice trip!