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Some Notable Facts about IGT Terre Siciliane


Terre Siciliane, the region-wide IGT title for Sicily and its satellite islands, including the Aelian Islands, was formed in November 2011 and it means ‘Sicilian Islands’. The vineyard area sprawls over an area of 35,389 ha / 87,411 acres with production being as high as 1,263,300 hl / 14,040,000 cases, as on 2015.

The principal white grape varieties grown in this region are Fiano, Manzoni Bianzo, Grecanico Dorato, Malvasia, Vernaccia, Pinot Bianco, Grillo, and Zibibbo, among a few others. The principal red grape varieties include Barbera, Nocera, Petit Verdot, Frappato, Cabernet, Frappato, Syrah, Malbec, Carignano, and Gaglioppo, to name a few.

Noteworthy Production Rules: Things that make IGT Terre Siciliane wines so special

• Grapes for Passito are often dried to certain extent either on or off the vine.
• There are parameters with regard to minimum alcohol level. For example, for all frizzante wines, the minimum alcohol content should be 9% while for Bianco tranquillo, it should be 10.5%. Rosso tranquillo wines normally have 11 % alcohol concentration while for Liquoroso, it is 15%.
• There are conditions with regard to residual sugar content as well. For example, Spumante and Rosato Spumante may have extra brut to dolce while Passito should have a minimum sugar content of 50 g/l (5.0%).

Popular White Wine Varieties of this Region

• Bianco: Made out of any proportion of white grape varieties sanctioned for Sicilia.
• Varietals (Wh, WhFr, WhSw, WhFrSw): Should have minimum 85% of any one of the approved white grape varieties except Grillo.
• Dual, triple, or quadruple varietals (Wh, WhFr, WhSw, WhFrSw): Any proportions of two, three, or four grape varieties approved for Sicilia except Grillo
• Rosso : Made out of any percentage of red grape varieties of Sicilia
• Varietals (Rd, RdFr, RdSw, RdFrSw): Minimum 85% any one of the allowed red grape varieties except Nero d’Avola (Calabrese) OARG
• Dual, triple, or quadruple varietals (Rd, RdFr, RdSw, RdFrSw): Any proportions of two, three, or four varieties approved for Sicilia except Nero d’Avola.

At L& P Global, we offer Miopasso Nero D’Avola wine, which is made out of the best quality 100% Nero d’Avola grapes. Appearing in deep, purple-red color and enchanting people’s senses with its black pepper and spice-like aroma, the wine can be paired well with meaty, pasta delicacies. The wine is a proud winner of the Berliner Wein Trophy 2016.