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At L&P Global BV, we are disrupting the food industry in a way that everyone can have access to a healthy lifestyle. With the worldwide delivery of our high-quality olive oil and premium wines, we strive to make a direct impact in the life of others. Through our long-term innovative vision, we developed a new form of nutrition and distribution, where everyone can have easy access to Spanish extra virgin olive oil and wine.

Thanks to our 50 years ‘experience in the food industry, we have gained a competitive business insight on how to succeed in today´s global business landscape. This vision has been applied to deliver an excellent export service of our olive oil and wine to our worldwide customers. To ensure the best quality, our olive oil and wine is subject to the most stringent security and quality controls by the European Union standards.

Our clients, from distributors to restaurants chains, have benefited from our world-class competitive service in a way that they have been able to easily import Spanish premium food to their home countries.


China is a country with an extraordinary range of possibilities. However, it is also a country with its own individual culture and a specific way of doing business. We understand the obstacles, such as regulatory networks and extremely complex procedures, that will arise in the export journey.

L&P Global helps you overcome these obstacles to make your business achieve its goals. This is backed by our 50 years´ experience in the food industry as well as 30 years in the Chinese market. We recognize and understand the Chinese industrial dynamic, and this has enabled us to achieve a highly competitive advantage over other conventional companies. We have been ranked 25th at the 2016 Top 500 Olive Oil importers in China.

We strongly believe that an excellent customer service is paramount to the success of our company. For that reason, our business vision relies on putting our client’s preferences first, before anything else. To ensure the best quality of our products in China, our olive oil and wine is subject to the most stringent control by the Chinese laboratory Sino Analytica, a distinguished independent food testing laboratory in Qingdao.

We will deliver excellent competitive Spanish products, combined with an outstanding customer service. For that reason, we believe that exporting Spanish olive oil and wine is easy and convenient with L&P Global.

Oil and wine sales channels

OEM customers

- Register your brand
- Labelling service
- Check with CIQ China
- Import service
- Transportation to your store


- Supermarkets
- Hotels
- Restaurants
- Gift shops
- Distributors
- Online stores: Taobao shop, WeChat Shop and Amazon China

Industrial customers

- Pre-cooked dishes
- Canned fish and vegetables
- Sauce
- Catering

Packages for wine and olive oil for the industry

- Drum 200kg
- IBC tank 916kg
- Flexitank 21.000kg
- PET 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L
- Bag in Box (BIB) 3L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L