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Two of the Best Aging Italian Wines


Italian wine is one of the finest in the world, and its impeccable quality stands out from the rest. Explore two of the best Italian wines for aging.



Vegetarian diet, This type of food has a clear upward trend ... But is it really a healthy eating option?

Valentine’s Day Recipes Using Olive Oil


There are many recipes using olive oil you can try this Valentine’s day. You can even experiment with new dishes. But because high quality olive oil is hard to come by, you might not know where to get the best supplies. Get stocks of great quality olive oil from private label olive oil ......

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Pig 2019!


We are thankful for every one of you who gave us the trust and support in the past year. Wish we will keep growing together in the next year!

Vegetal protein


Have you heard about the vegetable protein? A good recipe with extra virgin olive oil, a light and nutritious diet!

What To Expect On Chinese New Year


If there’s Spanish and Chinese have one thing in common, that would be how important family dinner is....

Tips to survive Christmas meals


Those tradition menus contain very little fiber and vegetables but rich in sugars and fats. During these days you can easily “earn” up to 3000 Kcal or more per meal if you do not control the amounts and type of food.

How to choose the best olive oil?


Not all olive oil is created equal. There are many types of olive oils on the market, so how do you make sure that you are purchasing premium quality olive oil?

Characteristics of a qualified wine and olive oil supplier


Spanish wine and olive oil is getting more and more important in the global market. But there are many importers feel struggled when choosing the right partner to import.

Wine for Beginners: Types of Wine


There are many reasons why a person takes interest in learning about wine. You will know which wine best suits the occasion, or meal. You will have confidence when buying, improve your smell and taste, and most importantly, have the satisfaction each time you take a sip.