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Ideas for cooking with olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the perfect complement to intensify the flavour of any type of vegetable, meat or fish that you can buy in your local store. Give a touch of the Mediterranean to your dishes by adding a dash of extra virgin olive oil!

Paella with Preserved Pork

Sausage, preserved pork, L’Andalusí extra virgin olive oil, Tomato, fresh mushroom, onion, garlic, rice, lemon, black pepper, basil, white wine DEMBA white, salt

Dice tomatoes and fresh mushrooms, mince the onion, garlic and basil. Heat L’Andalusí extra virgin olive oil in a wok, fry the onion and garlic. Add tomatoes, fresh mushroom and basil and keep sautéing. Add rice and stir them for 2 minutes, pour the white wine and after the smell of white comes out, add water, black pepper and salt. Simmer everything for 20 minutes when the water is boiling. Add sausage and preserved pork to keep simmering for another 5 minutes, then add the rest of basil for 2 minutes with strong fire. Finally add the lemon pieces.

Veggie Rolls with L'Andalusí spanish extra virgin olive oil

Bean curd skins, L’Andalusí extra virgin olive oil, needle mushroom, fresh mushroom, carrot, green onion, light soy sauce, sugar, rice wine

Wash well and dry the needle mushrooms, slice them and the peeled carrot into strips.
Heat L'andalusí extra virgin olive oil in a wok. Add the mushroom and the peeled carrot strips and fry them with strong fire, add salt. With the bean curd skin facing you squarely, place 20g of filling at a diagonal cross in the middle of the skin. Fold in the sides and then roll up tightly from the bottom. Pour rice wine, light soy sauce, sugar, water, and olive oil on the roll, then heat all. Steam for 3 minutes. Add some chopped green onion.

Sautéed Beef with Tea Tree Mushroom with L'Andalusó extra virgin olive oil

Beef tenderloin, L’Andalusí extra virgin olive oil, tea tree mushroom, green pepper, corn flour, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, rice wine, salt

Thinly slice the beef tenderloin into strips, add oyster sauce, sugar and toss in the corn flour, mix everything together in the bowl. Slice the tea tree mushroom and green pepper into strips. Heat L'andalusí extra virgin olive oil in a wok, add the beef and fry until the liquid has reduced, then add the mushrooms and green pepper and keep stir frying. Pour the soy sauce and rice wine add some salt and keep sauteeing for 1 minute, and then scoop them out.

Fried Tofu with Fermented Tofu Sauce with L'Andalusí extra virgin olive oil

Tofu, L’andalusí extra virgin olive oil, minced pork, purple Shiso, red fermented tofu sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, salt

Drain the block of tofu and cut them into thick slices, remove from the middle of every slice a small circle of tofu. Chop the purple Shiso, add the meat, salt, sugar and the soy sauce and mix them all together. Fill the hole made on the tofu slices with the mix. Heat L'Andalusí extra virgin olive oil in a wok, add tofu and fry it until they turn to brown colour, add red fermented tofu sauce, light soy sauce, sugar and water and bring everything to simmer until the Tofu turns to red colour. Finally, dry the sauce in the wok with a strong fire.


Extra virgin olive oil is the most healthy and delicious dressing for your raw salads or vegetables. Try it, the taste is incomparable!

Baked vegetables

Do you think it is possible to prepare a healthy, easy and quick dish well? Try the baked vegetables! Just choose your favorite vegetables, spread extra virgin olive oil on them and let it cook in the oven for about 30 minutes. Then you just have to cut them, add a little more olive oil, salt and pepper and enjoy!

Flavoured olive oil

Do you know how to make your own flavoured olive oil? It is very easy! Just refill an oilcan with your Andarríos olive oil, add the flavour that you like the most and let it macerate until you get the wanted intensity. We recommend you to try the spicy olive oil with pepper, garlic and chilli, it tastes great with pizza! And for your salads and vegetables don’t hesitate, try with rosemary and lemon or oregano!

bread with tomato and olive oil

Bread with tomato, catalan style.
We need to scrape two fresh tomatoes, and reserve them in a bowl.
We scrape two toasts with a fresh garlic, and add the scraped tomatoes on it. Add some olive oil and salt and pepper as you prefer.


Mix a few finely chopped tomatoes, fresh mozzarella slices and a few basil leaves together. Blend them together and season everything with salt pepper and olive oil. This recipe is simple, quick and very healthy.


Spread honey over a few pieces of toast and season with a little extra virgin olive oil. A great recipe to keep hunger at bay!


Cut up a few chunks of pumpkin and cook for 5 minutes in the microwave. Then season it with olive oil and sugar in equal parts, making a delicious dessert.


Add equal parts of water and egg to a bowl. Beat them and steam cook. In the meantime, steam cook a peeled prawn and place it on top of the egg tart when it is cooked. Once complete, sprinkle some chives and a little extra virgin olive oil on top, then enjoy!