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Healthy and Tasty Sandwiches


Para hacer un buen sándwich hay que combinar:
With the arrival of heat the eating habits change ... We go out more to eat outside to enjoy the good weather and we want fresher and lighter foods. We also usually prepare more and more sandwiches, which, if prepared well, are a balanced option to take to the beach or picnic.

In this post we will show that fast food is not synonymous with unhealthy!
To make a good sandwich you have to prepare:

Carbohydrate ration (choose 1): One of the main ingredients of this delicacy is bread, we advise you to choose wholemeal bread, which provides more fiber, more vitamins and more satiety than white bread. For example: Whole-grain bread, whole-grain bread, integral thin, whole-grain toast, whole-grain corn pancakes ...

Protein ration (choose 1): We recommend low-fat protein such as sliced turkey, grilled chicken, ham ... There are also options for ovolactovegetarians such as chickpea humus, hard-boiled egg, fresh cheese or smoked tofu. And for those who want a source of w-3,you can prepare smoked salmon, natural tuna or pickled sardines.

Vegetable ration (free choice): It is important to add this group of foods because it will add volume to the sandwich without adding excess calories, if you notice, the amount is FREE! It will also increase the fiber and antioxidant content. We give you some examples: Lettuce, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, onion, ratatouille, red pepper, escalibada, mushrooms, asparagus, pickles ...

Healthy fat ration (choose 1): When we talk about healthy fat we refer mainly to unsaturated fat, which we have commented in our other posts. This helps us to lower cholesterol if its consumption is done replacing saturated fats. In other words, it is healthier to make our sandwich with extra virgin olive oil, nuts or avocado than to spread it with butter.

Our favorite example is the whole wrap of smoked salmon, with arugula, pickles and walnuts. Dressed with olive cachet and mustard.

And yours? Tell us which one is your favorite!