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How to Check Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


Extra virgin olive oil is called “liquid gold” for a reason. Unlike Aceite Refinado de Oliva, extra virgin olive oil is extremely sensitive to light and heat. Exposure to either one may alter its form and rid the oil of its countless benefits. Regardless of its delicate nature, extra virgin olive oil is extremely versatile. And though extra virgin olive oil undergoes a rigid production process and evaluation, it can still fall victim to fraud.

So how can you be sure you don’t purchase fake extra virgin olive oil? Here are some measures you can take.

Check the Certification

Not all olive oils can be labeled “extra virgin”. Producing extra virgin olive oil involves a rigorous process, and has to be evaluated by various entities. When a bottle is granted a seal of authenticity, you can be a little surer of your olive oil.

Check the Harvest Date

The harvest date determines how fresh the olive oil is. A good rule of thumb to remember is that while wine gets better with age, extra virgin olive oil does not. The harvest date can tell you how much time has passed from the harvest of the olive fruit and production process to the bottling of olive oil.

This is crucial because extra virgin olive oil should be consumed a year and a half after the fruit was harvested. Many brands get their olives sourced from different farms from all over the world, which can affect the freshness, regardless of its harvest date. Purchasing directly from a private label olive oil supplier saves you the trouble of worrying about the freshness of its ingredients.

Check the Bottle

The packaging can tell you a lot about extra virgin olive oil’s quality, and it can easily give away a fake. Never purchase extra virgin olive oil stored in light-colored bottles. Why? Extra virgin olive oil is sensitive to light and heat, and without proper storage, it can be easily ruined.

That’s why legitimate extra virgin olive oils are stored in dark-colored bottles to make sure they aren’t as easily exposed to light. It’s all in the packaging!

Here are just some ways you can be extra sure of your extra virgin olive oil and its authenticity. If anything, you can count on us to supply you with authentic, high-quality olive oil.