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Mix it up: how to use olive oil in cocktails


Olive oil has been long known as a wonderful ingredient for cooking. Going beyond Meditarrenean cuisine staples such as pasta, salads, sandwich fixings, and casseroles, olive oil is also well-used in Kosher cooking, for health foods, and even cosmetic products. It’s no wonder people are always on the lookout for an olive oil supplier.

This is why it’s not surprising that it found its way into becoming a cocktail staple, as well. Bars across the world are continuing to experiment with the amazing punch of flavour a good dash of EVOO ads to a drink. Here are some examples of how olive oil is used in cocktail drinks!

In Martinis

It’s always a good idea to start simple. Try adding a drop of olive oil to a simple martini, making it a “dirty martini”. Shake the mixture up and strain it, and voila! Feel the smooth texture that EVOO adds to your drink thanks to the droplets of slightly solidified olive oil formed over the top, and take in the aromatic flavour it adds to the cocktail.

With Flavoured Oils

Infused oils add a certain dimension to basically anything they’re added in. Imagine adding a dash of savoury yet fresh rosemary-infused olive oil to the crisp and clean flavour of gin. Or maybe adding orange-infused olive oil to vodka -- now that’s a refreshing beverage. The best part is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to infusing your olive oil, just make sure it works with the drink you’re going to use it in!

For Salt-rimmed Glasses

Drinks such as margaritas and Salty Dogs call for a nice salt-rimmed glass, and olive oil can make for a great bonding agent between the salt and the glass, not to mention it adds an extra hit of flavour for the tongue and your nose. It definitely improves the experience of simply licking off the salt from your glass as you sip your drink!

To Improve Food-Drink Pairings

Sometimes pairing your rich meal with a sweet cocktail just doesn’t work - probably because the flavours don’t really complement that well. It’s not that it’s a complete mismatch, it’s that there’s just something that seems to be missing - and that’s probably olive oil . The next time you fix yourself a drink to go with your olive oil-dressed salad, try adding in some EVOO to that cool cocktail!

No matter how you plan on using olive oil for drinks, one important fact remains - High-quality EVOO is crucial. Planning on spicing up your cocktails regularly with a good dose of olive oil? Maybe it’s high time you check out a trusted private label olive oil supplier for your bar or cafe!