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No More Mistakes with Wine Food Pairing


Every time I prepare dinner for my friends, I ask myself the same questions: Which wine do I serve with fish? Is Chardonnay okay to serve with beef? Everyone knows that picking out the best wine to pair with food can be tough and it can make a difference between serving a successful dinner or turning it into a complete disaster. But don´t worry, after reading this article you will know the basic tips to serve the perfect dinner, for a wonderful mix of aromas and flavors that will make you enjoy every sip of it.

Wish to enjoy wine with salad or your appetizer? Both reds and whites wines can be suitable for salads and appetizers, depending on the food flavors. For example, red wines such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are ideally suited with Swiss cheese, whether Pinot is preferably paired with Cheddar cheese. If you are a white wine lover, you can pair your fresh mozzarella salad or Brie cheese with a glass of Chardonnay. If you prefer Sauvignon blanc, it can be a fantastic choice for salads topped with seafood like scallops or shrimp. Serving a Caesar? Sauvignon blanc is your pick.

If you are serving fish as the main course, choose a dry white wine for fish and seafood. Why not red? The tannins from the red in your mouth could leave a metallic taste together with the fish. A far better option is a Verdejo that is favored when appreciating fish.

Serving steak, lamb or filet shanks? There is to remember a simple rule: red wine pairs perfectly with red meat. For steak, lamb, and filet shanks, we recommend a dry red wine. Four Poultry, pork, and veal, there is also a guideline to pair this type of food with white wine: White wine with white meat. Chardonnay or Viura, are the best wines to pair with a poultry or pork dish. Very chilled white wines are also an excellent match for the spice and heat.

Finally, as for dessert, enjoy a wide range of delicious chocolates whilst sipping sparkling wine, like cava for a celebratory occasion. Fruit-based desserts such as apple pie or raspberry sorbet set well with mild whites like Pinot Gris or Riesling.