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Olive Pomace Oil, a key ingredient for deep frying


Olive pomace oil is a mixture between virgin and extra virgin oils with refined pomace oil. The mix results in an oil with the ideal flavor, color and aroma for frying.

It is true that olive-pomace oil is of an inferior quality to the one of extra virgin olive oil. For this same reason, it is also cheaper, but for once, the cheap does not come out expensive. Here are some recommendations and uses of olive-pomace oil:

Deep Frying

Many fast food restaurants have industrial sized deep fryers to whip out batches every few minutes quickly. Deep frying food in extra virgin olive oil is costly and will change the flavor of what's being cooked, so these restaurants opt to usepomace olive oil. It's similar to deep frying in Canola or sunflower oil.

Food Styling

Have you ever wondered why food in magazines and restaurant catalogs look so good? It's because they're made up. Fruits and vegetables aren't nearly as glossy and saturated in person. To give the illusion of light-reflecting or glossy food, food stylists brush and a thin layer of pomace olive oil on the food subject and buff it in until the fruit starts to shine.

A Plant-based Alternative for Fat in Baking

Guests who have dietary restrictions will often ask the staff if they can offer dairy-free versions of their favorite baked goods, be it bread rolls or biscuits. Because pomace olive oil is so light and so neutral, it makes the perfect fat substitute. And it doesn't taste any different than baking bread rolls with butter!

The uses of olive-pomace oil have no limit! And if you need help getting supplies from olive pomace oil, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly assits you.