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Perfect Wines for the Summer


Summer is coming. Time for you to sit back on the patio, open up a bottle of wine, and enjoy a glass on a sunny afternoon. Or perhaps you look forward to reunion dinners with your extended family members with a bottle of wine post-meal. The question is, what kind of wine should you have on the table? Take a couple of refreshing suggestions from your trusted Spanish wine exporter.

Whether it’s a glass of red, sparkling white, or rosé, here are some of the most ideal wines for a memorable summer. As a Spanish wine exporter, we’ve got a hunch or two on how you can maximize summer wine.

Demba Garnacha

This ruby-colored wine is often considered a bargain, with its affordability but high-quality flavor. Demba Garnacha is made of Garnacha, a native variety of wine grape in Spain. Otherwise known as Grenache, Garnacha is a dry, hardy vine with a hint of cocoa and vanilla.

A bottle of Demba Garnacha on a lazy summer afternoon is ideal for college kids enjoying a short break, or maybe a last-minute get-together with a couple of friends.

Zagarron Sauvignon Blanc

Imagine yourself on a balcony by the beach, with a glass of wine. Its content is none other than Zagarron Sauvignon Blanc. This herbaceous dry white wine is ideal for a night on the coast.

Its range of flavors dipping from passionfruit and lime to white peach allows it to be adaptable during summer conditions. Enjoy a glass of Zagarron Sauvignon Blanc alongside a plate of seafood, cheese, soup, and other starters.

Zagarron Moscatel

Featuring another appearance from Zagarron, Moscatel is a light yellow wine that’s nearly see-through. Its citrusy taste with hints of rosewater parallels a summer afternoon, ideal for picnics on the meadow. It’s easy on the taste buds, making it an ideal pair with desserts.

Get creative with your summer meals and make memories with these wines! And if you need a helping hand in getting supplies of these quality wines, you can count on a Spanish wine exporter to help you stock up.