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The Beauty Secret of The Stars: Olive Oil


Beauty oils are all the rage, and recent skincare trends recommend at least one type of oil, whether it be for moisturizing, smoothening, or skin-calming purposes. For many successful skincare routines, olive oil is an essential beauty tool.

Olive oil has always been held as an amazing cosmetic tool. From Ancient Egypt to your Spanish grandmother’s vanity table, the liquid gold has been a go-to facial oil for women throughout the ages. Taking a cue from this are some of today’s brightest stars with the most radiant complexions.

Just how do these celebrities use olive oil in their beauty regimen?

Soothing For Sensitive Skin

Dry and sensitive skin can be a girl’s worst enemy. Emma Stone combats her dry skin issues by using straight oils, which according to Stone, doesn’t irritate her skin the way most cosmetic creams do. Her favorite? Olive oil! She even has a whole bottle on her sink ready for beauty routine time.

Deep Moisturization

Another great fan of olive oil’s beautifying abilities is Kylie Jenner. Jenner makes use of the oil’s deeply moisturizing properties for keeping her skin supple. After a thorough shower and exfoliation, Jenner lets her skin soak in organic olive oil to make sure it absorbs as much moisture and nutrients as possible.

Extra TLC For The Feet and Nails

Our nails and our feet are particularly prone to being dry and often end up being cracked. Julia Roberts advises a few drops of olive oil mixed into warm water as a solution for unhealthy nails. Roberts also swears by massaging feet with extra virgin olive oil, throwing on a pair of socks, and leaving them on overnight for maximum moisture for the feet.

Hair care

Similar to our skin, the hair can easily get dry and damaged when not taken of properly. Miranda Kerr takes care of her hair with a DIY olive oil hair mask once a week, which she credits for soothing her scalp and leaving her hair nice and shiny. Leaving it in overnight while you sleep lets your hair and scalp take in the vitamins A, D, E and K that EVOO is naturally rich in.

Olive oil is definitely a must-include ingredient when it comes to anything beauty related. Whether it’s for the face, body, nails, or hair, cosmetic companies could use an industrial olive oil supplier to keep up with this rising beauty trend!

If you plan on looking for a supplier, remember to look for an experienced Spanish olive oil supplier supplier to ensure that you get only the best quality olive oil from the most trusted producers of the liquid gold in the Mediterranean!