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Tips to survive Christmas meals


Christmas food is one of the most anticipated of the year, an occasion in which the whole family gathers and taste typical dishes, which are usually made with much love but are high in calories.

Those tradition menus contain very little fiber and vegetables but rich in sugars and fats. During these days you can easily “earn” up to 3000 Kcal or more per meal if you do not control the amounts and type of food.

To avoid the extra-kilos and heavy digestions that can happen during these important dates, we are going to give you some key tips:

a) One of the main recommendations of the American Heart Association is that to pay attention to what we ingest, with this simple fact we can make small changes that will make a big difference on our health:
1. Serve on the plate the ration that you are going to eat, avoiding the table pecking.
2. Eat everything, but without repeating. Do not stay wanting to try anything!
3. Eat slowly and chew well.

b) Another important aspect would be to innovate with options equally delicious, but less heavy and caloric. We give you some ideas:
1. Starters: A cocktail of prawns, a salad of spinach with dried fruit always dressed with extra virgin olive oil, a montadito of dried tomato and mushroom. Another good option is to make the base of the canapés with cucumber, thus avoiding excess carbohydrates in the bread.
2. Second courses: Always avoid cooking with saturated fats and enhance cooking with olive oil, so you will make healthier and more tasty recipes.
3. Desserts: Prepare a good source in the center of the table with peeled and cut fruit and some dried fruit, so, we will have a healthy option if the Christmas dinner is extended.

Hopefully these tips will help you pay special attention to dietary habits during Christmas to avoid consequences such as weight gain, heavy digestion or even embarrassment. And above all, we take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas!