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Two of the Best Aging Italian Wines


You’ve probably heard that the older wines get, the better they taste. But did you know not all wines get better with age? There is an exception for Italian wines, as Italy produces excellent quality wine that can age up to 70 years. No surprise there since there are over 500 grape varieties in the Italian region, making Italy one of the top countries for wine production.

For budding wine enthusiasts and beginners, the thought of tasting the finest vinos importados de Italia sounds like a hefty challenge. But when it comes to collecting wine, you might want to start with one of the world’s best. Here are two of the best Italian wines for aging.


Italian wine is made to be paired with meals. A prime example of this is the Chianti. This dry red paired with food is a match made in heaven. Chianti wines are produced from Chianti in Tuscany and contain at least 80 percent Sangiovese grapes.

Sangiovese grapes have the ability to adapt to their environment. Chianti Classico wines’ aroma is somewhat earthy like dried cherries, roses, or figs. Sangiovese wines like Chianti Classico typically pair well with a variety of food due to its savoury flavour.

Look for the Classico label on Chianti bottles as classico wines have been identified to hold for up to ten years.


Sagrantino wines have some of the most complex characteristics. It’s also known to be very healthy as it contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants in any red wine. This wine type is found in only one region of the world called Umbria in Italy.

Sagrantino’s aroma is a mix of berry sauce, plum, sage, and vanilla. As it ages, its aroma evolves into a mix of herbs with the sage blending in perfectly.

Sagrantino wines usually take time to age, even after popping open a bottle.

There are a lot of varieties of Italian wine, and a lot of them are considered the best in the world. Even the most seasoned wine enthusiasts find themselves still discovering new flavours and exploring new wines everyday. That’s not to say budding enthusiasts and wine-tasting and collecting beginners can’t start off with Italian wine.

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