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Valentine’s Day Recipes Using Olive Oil


Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means everywhere around the world, wine will be shared as dinners will be served. Romantic meals call for the best recipes, and that also means there shouldn’t be any shortage of the healthiest ingredients.
Olive oil can make its way through any and every meal! Here are some dishes you can cook with olive oil.

Aglio et Olio

We all know the Italians are famous for both pasta and their love of olive oil. In fact, this is one of the most basic pasta sauces you can make.

Start by cooking the spaghetti in boiling salted water until its texture is al dente—or chewy. While the noodles are being cooked, prepare the sauce by heating olive oil up in low heat, then fry the garlic for about one to two minutes.

Afterwards, finely chop one chili and do the same for flat-leafed parsley or basil. Add two tablespoons of cooking water to the olive oil and mix the chili and parsley/basil in. Finish by seasoning with salt for three minutes, stirring every now and then.

Perfect wine pairing: Any classic Italian red wine, nothing that a trusted Spanish wine exporter can’t supply you with.

Organic Orange Olive Oil Cake

For a sweet but healthy dessert, an orange cake might just do the trick! Orange cakes go way back from traditional sponge cakes that use oranges as popularized in Valencia, Spain. The key ingredient is a Valencia orange, meshing well with the flavours of almonds and olive oil.

Mix two cups of organic sugar with equal parts water in a medium saucepan in medium to high heat. After the sugar dissolves, put two whole oranges and one lemon in the pan. If the mixture doesn’t cover 2/3 of the fruit, add some more sugar and equal parts water. Let the fruits simmer for an hour thirty minutes to two hours.

After, let the oranges cool and slice them up into wedges. Remove the inedible parts.
Place the almonds in a food bowl processor and grind them up until they are fine. Transfer the almonds in a bowl and mix it with flour and baking powder. Then, grease olive oil on a round cake pan, heat it up to 350 degrees, and position the rack in the middle of the oven.

Put four eggs and salt in a bowl, and beat with a whisk on medium high for three minutes. While whisking, add 1 ½ cups of sugar and olive oil. Add also the pureed fruit and mix until everything is well-blended. Fold in the flour mixture until everything is smooth.
Pour the mixture into the cake pan, and let it bake in the oven for an hour until it reaches a golden brown colour.

There are many recipes using olive oil you can try this Valentine’s day. You can even experiment with new dishes. But because high quality olive oil is hard to come by, you might not know where to get the best supplies. Get stocks of great quality olive oil from private label olive oil exporter L&P Global. Have a happy Valentine’s day!