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Wine for Beginners: Types of Wine


Learning about wine is like learning about art or music. For beginners, learning about wine can be intimidating. It takes countless experience, and it’s, to be honest, not everybody’s cup of tea. Which means this topic does not come up often. But still, knowledge is power, right?

So for beginners, let’s start with the majortypes of wines.

Red Wine

Just like its name, red wine colour ranges from dark violet to bloody red. Its colour comes from the variety of grape used – mostly black and dark red grapes. Also, the process includes grape skin, making it a full-bodied flavor.

Also, red wines are great for a cellar, and the longer the wine is aged, the higher its price.
The most popular red wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Rioja Blanca, Cava, Pinot Noir, and Merlot. It is great for lamb, beef, or smoked meats pairings.

White Wine

Fun fact: white wine exists for at least 2,500 years.

White wine is a light coloured wine, ranging from straw-yellow to yellow-gold. It is made from the fermented pulp of white and black grapes. Compared to red wines, white wines don’t last in the cellar long. However, it still can be sold at a high price.

Rosé Wine

Popular among French, Portuguese, and other Spanish speaking countries, rose wine is the most straightforward to make. Because of how simple the process is, many believes that rose wine is the oldest type of wine.

The popularity of rose wine grew over the years. One factor is its inherent drinkability as well as versatility with a different variety of foods.

Sparkling Wine

A wine that has bubbles – this is where it got its name. Sparkling wine is a carbonated wine which is created in two methods: Champagne method and Charmat Martinotti method.

Mostly serve during special occasions, sparkling wine is best to serve with seafood like oysters, smoked salmon, caviar, shellfish, and shrimp.

As an Italian and Spanish wine exporter, we would like to encourage everyone to learn more about wine. There are many reasons why a person takes interest in learning about wine. You will know which wine best suits the occasion, or meal. You will have confidence when buying, improve your smell and taste, and most importantly, have the satisfaction each time you take a sip.