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Wine Storage Tips For Restaurants


A good wine selection is essential for any restaurant. Whether it’s popular Spanish favorites or hard-to-find Italian iimported wines Vinos Importados de Italia, restaurants should always be careful with how they store their wine as this can affect the flavor and aroma of the wine. You wouldn’t want your customers to be disappointed with sour wine, do you?

With that, it helps to know useful tips for wine storage. For restaurants, these are three tips that never fail.

Different types of wine require different temperatures

When it comes to wine storage, the temperature is a major factor. When the temperature your wine is stored in continuously fluctuates, this can alter the flavor greatly.

More importantly, proper storage goes beyond a single level of coolness; different types of wine require varying temperature levels. Know which bottles in your selection require cooler temperatures and which ones do better at higher ones.

Wines can be disturbed by movement

Yes. Wine is actually best stored in a very neutral structure. Vibrations from the walls or ceiling, and even shaking during handling, are known to mess with flavor and can spoil what would otherwise have been a very lovely bottle of vintage.

This is why when you’re choosing your wine storage facility, choose a place that’s not too busy to keep away from any vibrations as much as possible.

Pay attention to ventilation

Ventilation goes beyond humidity and the breathability of your space; part of it is making sure that your wine storage space is safe from undesirable aromas and unnecessary light exposure.

This doesn’t mean that your storage facility has to be as sterile as an operating room. It means ensuring that the space your wine collection is in a neutral space that won’t expose your wine to odors that can be absorbed or light can make it age far too quickly.

Before you go calling your Italian or Spanish wine exporter, it’s best you ensure that you have all the necessary tips and space for proper wine storage. Secure that and you’re ready to serve your customers with the best wines to complement your restaurant’s amazing food.If you have a questions about wine storage, please leave us a message at info@lpglobal.eu.