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Ideas for good combinations with wine

The best complement to any meal is a good wine. All our wine specifications include gastronomy recommendations to allow you to combine the perfect wine with each meal.


To prepare this delicious german glühwine we only need to heat up some wine with an orange peel and some cinammon and anise. It is so good and perfect for those cold days!


Place the fresh salmon on a baking sheet, seasoning it according to taste, such as for example, with lemon, green pepper and dill in grain as we have chosen in this case. We add a splash of extra virgin olive oil, seal it and let it cook for 20 minutes at medium heat. We will accompany it with a white Cabernet-Sauvignon wine, a very appropriate choice to accompany fatty fish such as salmon.


Sweets in general such as cakes, biscuits and chocolates,may be accompanied by a sweet wine such as the Muscatel, which gives us an intense fruity flavour on the palate.


Good beef should always be accompanied by an intense red wine. In this case, beef hamburgers with onion rings, perfectly complement the rough texture that lingers on the palate from this red wine.


Shellfish are always a good accompaniment to a young white wine. In this case, a few steamed mussels with olive oil would go very well with a white wine.